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Prepare to beat your best

Life Time Tri is proud to provide a wide variety of resources dedicated to helping you meet all of your triathlon goals — whether it be finishing your first race or setting a long-standing personal best. With a variety of training options from complimentary educational sessions and first-timer clinics to full-fledged group training programs and race simulations, we have your back when it comes to triathlon training. This sport may be a bit more complex than others, but it does not have to be intimidating.

Life Time Tri Free Training Plans

Not sure where to begin? Our Life Time Tri training plans are designed to help guide the way. These plans were specifically created to jumpstart your training in an easy to follow way, while fitting into your busy schedule. Pick your distance and download your plan below and reach the finish line with confidence!

SuperSprint 8-Week Plan

Sprint 12-Week Plan

International 12-Week Plan

Have questions or need additional help? Reach out to us at events@lifetimefitness.com.

Life Time Endurance Training

From First Timers to the Podium.
Whether you’re a beginner preparing for your first race, or a seasoned expert competing for a spot on the podium, the Life Time Endurance staff of helpful, dedicated triathlon coaching professionals can help you to reach your goals. Now is the time to join a fun, social and — most importantly — effective training program at Life Time.

Course Previews

Want a sneak peek of the course before race day? We have you covered. With open water swim clinics and bike and run course previews, you’ll be comfortable and familiar with the ins and outs of each leg of the race. Previews also feature helpful tips and Q&A sessions with our coaches. Visit a Life Time Tri event website for information on course previews for your race.

Starting Line 101 Clinics

Life Time Fitness is excited to introduce its new Starting Line 101 Clinics. If you’re training for a Life Time Tri event, don’t miss these clinics taught by our very own Life Time Tri coaches! Starting Line 101 clinics cover a wide range of topics. Visit a Life Time Tri event website to find out when a clinic will be offered in your area.


Training Tips