triathlon training tips for Runners

Life Time Tri coaches Troy Jacobson and Lance Leo share their best triathlon training tips for good dynamic stretches to do before going on a training run. 

Stretching before any kind of exercise is crucial for things like injury prevention, and helps you stay healthy and able to keep up with your training schedule throughout the season.  Dynamic stretching is a great way to warm-up. It loosens up the body and warms it up, preparing you to hit the pavement.
The kind of dynamic stretching we recommend before going on a run is beginning in a two-legged dynamic movement. Then you move to a one-legged dynamic movement in the form for a squat (as demonstrated in the video below). The this kind of warm up gets the heart rate up. It also helps you establish proper posture by tapping into your glutes. The value of this, once again, is to completely prepare your body for the physical intensity that comes with running by elevating your heart rate, and sets you up for success by reducing the risk of injury.

Happy Running!