race day nutrition

Life Time Tri coaches Troy Jacobson and Lance Leo discuss proper nutrition and timing for athletes new to the sport of triathlon.

While swimming, biking and running are the three main components of tri, race day nutrition is the fourth. Managing your fuel intake is key for any triathlete looking to finish strong.

The first recommendation is to test your nutrition plan out during your training. Don’t set yourself up for an uncomfortable race day without seeing what kind of fuel works best in your body.

Whether you are preparing for a training run, ride or swim or your actual race, consuming your main source of fuel an hour and a half prior to that event is what’s recommended. Make sure your fuel is a mix of carbohydrates and protein for optimal performance.

Post-race or training, you’ll want to refuel  after 20-30 minutes. Refuel with a source of carbs and protein to help your body activate its recovery process.

A few of our recommended carb/protein combinations include eggs with avocado toast and a side of fruit or a smoothie with bananas, avocado, spinach, chia seeds and whey protein powder.