Indoor Tri
The Perfect Introduction to Tri

Registration Now Available for April Events!

Online registration is now open for a variety of upcoming events, using the links below.
2018 preliminary results are posted below. Click here to reference previous years’ Indoor Tri results.

List of March/April 2018 Events

CO Springs 4/15 Aimee Monck
CO Flatirons 4/22 Andrea Bruski
CO Westminster 4/15 Andrea Bruski
IL Burr Ridge 4/15 Angel Arflack
IL Old Orchard 4/22 Lynn Flentye
IL Schaumburg 4/15 Lynn Flentye
IL Warrenville 4/15 Jessica Rangel
MA Metro West Boston 3/11 Breno Melo
MD Columbia 4/15 Rob Reber
MN Chanhassen 4/15 Benjamin Harding
MN Lakeville 4/15 Tony Vukovics
MN Plymouth 4/15 Tiffany Berenberg
MN St. Louis Park 4/15 Jenessa Pearson
NY Syossett 4/15 Laura Ryan
OH Dublin 4/15 Sandy Donald
PA Fort Washington 4/15 Jessica Kelly

Results from January Events

CLICK HERE to view/download results from our January 2018 events (revised 2/19).

Scoring Overview: The Indoor Triathlon is based on time rather than distance – meaning you receive points for going further in a specific period of time, not going faster over a fixed distance. Participants are graded on a curve. The furthest distance in each category gets the most points (actual number is based on total participants), the shortest receives 1 point, and your “score” for the discipline is based on the points you achieve. All three disciplines count equally toward your final score.

Event Divisions: Ranking are provided for Overall, Open Men (39 years and younger), Open Women, Masters Men (ages 40+) and Masters Women (40+).

Reference the full event rules and scoring details HERE.

Questions? Contact us at


Results from March Event

CLICK HERE to view/download results from our March 2018 Boston Metro West Indoor Tri.


Life Time Tri’s mission is to inspire athletes of all athletic abilities to consider and commit to triathlon in 2018. We believe triathlon to be the ultimate gateway to a Healthy Way of Life, and cordially invite you into the sport’s perfect launch pad:

In January, Life Time Indoor Tri returned by popular demand to 47 locations across North America (more will return in April). These club-based events offer inspirationally-charged, safe and simulated environment for athletes of all fitness levels. More than 6,000 athletes completed these events in 2017 alone, more than half of whom had zero previous experience.

Upon becoming an indoor triathlete, it’s our hope to inspire finishers to consider participating in one of our outdoor Life Time Tri Series races, featuring: Super Sprint, Sprint and International distances.

Regardless of history, athleticism or goals, our Life Time Tri team is here to support your journey and celebrate your accomplishments along the way. We hope to see you soon!

What is Indoor Tri?

The indoor triathlon is based on time rather than distance — meaning you receive points for going further in a specific period of time, not going faster over a fixed distance. The total event lasts for 75 minutes, consisting of:

  • Swim: 10 minutes in the pool
  • Transition 1: 10-minutes (move from the pool to cycle studio)
  • Bike: 30 minutes on an indoor bike
  • Transition 2: 5-minutes  (move from the cycle studio to treadmills)
  • Run: 20 minutes on a treadmill

Participants are graded on a curve. The furthest distance in each category gets the most points (actual number is based on total participants) and the shortest receives one point. Your “score” for the discipline is based on the points you achieve. All three disciplines count equally toward your final score. Therefore, your rank and score will not be determined until all participants have completed the event.

Transition times are fixed between events and do not count toward participants’ scores.

Click here to read the full rules.

Register and Receive

Register for just $30, receive a host of gifts below and become a triathlete in just 60 minutes!  All 2018 participants will receive:

  • Indoor Tri Visor
  • Swim Cap
  • Race bib
  • Online results
  • $10 coupon for 2018 Life Time Tri (outdoor) events
  • Special offers for Life Time Endurance training and club membership

Indoor Tri events are open to both members and non-members of Life Time Fitness, ages 12 and over.


Complimentary 8-Week Training Plan
Ready to train on your own for the Indoor Tri? Download our 8-Week Intro Training Plan (beginning the week of Febuary 19) to help you prepare for your big day. This plan is complimentary for Life Time Members and the General Public.

Intro 8-Wk Indoor Tri Training Plan (Complimentary)

Train with the Life Time Tri Team! 

Training for a triathlon can be a fun, social and rewarding experience. Join a chapter of the Life Time Tri TEAM at select locations throughout the Nation, led by a certified Life Time Tri Coach. Take advantage of weekly group training sessions, technique development advice, monthly training plans, social activities, Life Time Race Series discounts and other Tri Team member benefits.

For athletes of all levels and abilities, from beginners to elite, the Life Time Tri Team has something for everyone!  For more information, visit, contact the Tri Coach at your Life Time, or email the Head Coach, Troy Jacobson (

Special Limited Offer! Get a Free 30 minute Coaching Consultation with a Life Time Coach to discuss your ideal training plan.  To schedule your complimentary appointment, contact Troy Jacobson at

(Offer available for a limited time and with limited availability. Please contact us today for more information.)

Frequently Asked Questions

We measure your swim distance in lengths, not laps. Each time you touch the wall counts as one length. Volunteers will be at each lane counting for you — all you have to do is swim!

No, you can swim any stroke you like, including dog paddle, side stroke, elementary backstroke, etc. You may even walk, if absolutely necessary. Whatever keeps you moving in the water.

You may rest on the walls, hold onto the lane line or stand on the bottom of the pool to rest. You may stop and rest for as long as you like, but keep in mind the clock is ticking!

No. We do not allow any flotation devices or snorkels/fins to be used during the swim.

The locker rooms will serve as your transition area. You will have 10 minutes to change out of your suit, into your biking and running gear. This goes by much faster than you think, so keep moving. You should bring your running stuff with you to the spin studio as you will not have time to go back to the locker room after the cycle portion. If you are not a Life Time member, we will provide you with a locker key for use during the event.

All participants will use the indoor bikes located in the spin studio. Bikes for the event will be set in two rows near the front of the studio.

All bikes in the 2018 Indoor Tri events will have a power console that can accurately track distance, speed and power.  The distance shown on the power console after the 30 minute cycle portion will be captured by an event volunteer.

Each participant will be able to set their own resistance at a level that is comfortable for their ability.  Keep in mind, injuries can occur if you spin too fast so we recommend each participant set the tension at a level that is safe and comfortable based on their cycle experience.

You may leave the incline at zero on the treadmill or any higher setting that you prefer.

Absolutely. Headphones are allowed for the bike and run (and for those of you techies with the waterproof headphones, you may use them in the pool as well). Keep in mind we will have music playing overhead in the cycle studio.

Results will be posted following the conclusion of the event on this site.

Total available points are based on the total number of participants in the event. For this example, let’s say there are 100 people in event. The athlete who swam the farthest in the pool receives 100 points. The second farthest swim receives 99 points and so on. Same for the bike and run. The three scores for each participant are totaled for an overall score.

Yes, although children must be 12 years of age or older to participate in the Indoor Tri.

Are You Ready to Tri? View our new anthem video, then click here to learn all about our exciting new Life Time Tri initiatives in 2018 — all designed to make this sport a bit simpler, more convenient and first-timer friendly.


Be part of the IN crowd, volunteer at your local Indoor Tri!
There’s no better way to get inspired and see what Indoor Triathlon is all about than by volunteering. All volunteers receive an Indoor Tri water bottle, and the satisfaction of supporting so many people through their special day.

Event Crew are needed for the following:

  • Participant check-in
  • Recording of distance for swim, bike and treadmills
  • Transitions

Event Crew are required to be on site one hour prior the event and may be asked to stay no later than one hour following the event.

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities, please contact your local Race Director.