Life Time Tri coaches Troy Jacobson and Heather Casey discuss how to get fitted for a bike and why it’s important to get fitted at the start of your triathlon journey instead of later on.

A major misconception among triathletes is that you have to reach a certain level of training and racing before you get fitted for bike. The reality is that a proper bike fit is one of the best long-term investments a newbie triathlete can make.

The benefits of having a properly fitted bike include:

  1. Being more comfortable on your bike, and therefore willing to ride longer and more often.
  2. Enjoying your rides more, rather than seeing them as something you have to struggle through.
  3. Seeing increased performance, because you’ll be more powerful and efficient.
  4. Decreasing the likelihood you’ll become injured while riding.

For the reasons listed above, we recommend getting professionally fitted right off the bat. Retul is a great resource for those looking to get data-driven results on a proper fit and alignment through their signature fit session.

Experienced triathletes also should get fitted, as it’s one of the best ways to recover from an injury related to poor cycling mechanics and prevent reinjury.